About project

Web portal "Contemporary Russian Puppetry" is a resource which provides information about contemporary puppet theatre in Russia. The project has been made with the grant of the President of the Russian Federation for supporting creative projects of national significance in the field of culture and art.

Here you will find:

Key figures in the theatre making process today, their biographies and artistic concepts;

Photographs, trailers, and full video versions of contemporary productions;

Database, which includes contact details, as well as technical and logistical information about productions;

Recent news from the world of Russian puppet theatre.

This project of the Bolshoi Puppet Theatre Contemporary Russian Puppetry was inspired by the results of the festival BTK-Fest: Russian case, which took place in 2015. At that time more than 30 producers and festival selectors from all over the world were introduced to the best examples of Russian puppetry and had a chance to evaluate its artistic level and creative potential. This meeting helped to increase mutual interest between Russian and international worlds of puppetry; many productions were invited to festivals and got invitations to come on tour.

Our new resource has similar goals:

– Facilitating access to information, creating a space necessary for professional communication;
– Attracting the attention of international producers and festivals to Russian puppet theatre and professional training;
– Increasing the number of tours of Russian puppeteers abroad, exchanging experience, and enhancing professional skills;
– Accessibility of the best examples of Russian theatre for people from various countries and cities;
– Enhancing prestige of the field, overcoming regional and national borders.

Target audience of Contemporary Russian Puppetry is, first of all, professional, but the resource is also open to anyone who likes the art of puppet theatre and wants to learn more about it.

To become a participant (for theatres)

If you want to participate in our project, please send information about your production and its complete video to the address: ruspuppetry@gmail.com информацию о спектакле и полную видео-запись. Selection is made by the organizers.


Registered users get access to:
– full videos of productions;
– technical information;
– advanced database search of productions.