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Ekaterina Lozhkina staged the performance “The Stolen Sun” in the theater “Brodyachaya sobachka”

November 24 at the St. Petersburg Theater “Brodyachaya Sobachka” premiere of the play “Stolen Sun” by K. Chukovsky, the young director Ekaterina Lozhkina.

Rises Sunshine Red and with him awakens the whole world. People and animals are waking up, enjoying the new day. But one day the Sun suddenly disappeared. Where did it go? Who stole it? And for what? “Crooked the sun in the sky swallowed!” Scream the frightened magpies, and this message spreads everywhere. The rabbits are crying, sheep are rushing about, but only everyone is afraid to go to the evil Crocodile and help Sunny out. Can the heroes cope with their fear? Will they be able to overcome it and fight with Crocodile? Will they be able to regain their Sun?