Quatations and images from the great tragedies
Date of premiere:
2 h 15 min
visual theatre
few words,
can play in English
Target audience:

Let us imagine that the old man Prospero has fallen asleep while reading a volume of his creator’s masterpieces and the magician’s dream has released the different characters from various tragedies, giving them a new lease on independent life. King Lear has turned into a rag doll thrown around by his malicious daughters. Juliet has become a tailor’s pin and Lady Macbeth is now a woman who can never cut out of paper the shape of her ideal man without cutting it all to shreds.

Shakespeare-Laboratory is an experimental play aspiring to re-tell parts of Shakespeare’s great tragedies by visual theatrical means. The actors have at their disposal all sorts of expressive resources. Using puppets, their own imagination, any expected or unexpected available material, the actors present their personal interpretation of the Bard’s classic works. The play emerges from separate phrases, moods, fleeting gestures, music and light… This is the author’s pronouncement, improvisation, laboratory work, aimed at finding a new theatrical language.

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Authors of the production:
Ruslan Kudashov

The head of the project

Yana Tumina

The head of the project

Larisa Novikova

Light designer

Julia Gladisheva

Sound designer


"Macbeth. Witches. Work"

Maria Batrasova, Ekaterina Lozhkina-Belevich

Vasilisa Ruchimskaya

Ledy Macbeth

Irina Chugaeuskaya, Yanina Burtman

Vasilisa Ruchimskaya, Natalia Sizova

Othello. Villains. «In Venice they do let he

Sergey Bespalov, Ales Snopkovskiy, Denis Kazachuk

Mikhail Lozhkin, Ivan Solncev

King Lear. Puppet play

Ekaterina Lozhkina

Maria Batrasova/ Nadezhda Moshkina

Othello. Jealousy

Dmitry Chupakhin, Renat Shavaliev

Anatoly Guschin, Mikhail Grishin


Mikhail Lozhkin, Anatoly Guschin

Juliet: «Hood my unmann'd blood»

Vasilisa Ruchimskaya

Montague & Capulet

Dmitry Chupakhin, Denis Kazachuk, Ivan Solncev

Ophelia: " I'll no more want"

Irina Chuhaeuskaya/ Diana Fokina


Natalia Sizova

It’s hard to be oneself (Poor Yorick)

Roman Dadaev

Hamlet.​ The Mouse-trap.

Roman Dadaev, Dmitry Chupakhin

Victoria Slutskaya/ Ekaterina Lozhkina

Ophelia, the poor thing, had drowned

Yana Burtman, Anatoly Guschin, Ivan Solncev

Hamlet: "Venom, to thy work"

Mikhail Lozhkin, sergey Bespalov

And end his being

Natalia Sizova


Mikhail Lozhkin

Mass Media Feedback:

“You may ask me what puppet theatre has to do with it if actors come to the stage themselves? Puppetry is in close attention to the world of things. Every detail comes into play: a glass, a teabag, a mousetrap. Ingenuity of young actors who work with items masterfully cannot help but excite. <…> We are offered an original and unexpected performance. This performance is attractive both for desperate, happy young people and intellectuals”.

Eugene Sokolinsky

“Rush Hour”

“Does a modern human being really need Shakespearean pathos, a conflict between a duty and a will, a heroic passion? Perhaps two or three basic emotions taken out from the play’s context are enough, aren’t they? In this modern reading the content is inevitably objectified or travestied, reduced to a symbol or a picture leaving very little from the original text. <…> This performance can be a clip, a tongue-twister, a student theatre of various miniatures, anything but to support its life the young people need to jump over their heads. They are good at doing it. There is something more in the performance: it is a wonder of the world. According to Mamardashvili, it is the same wonder which the philosophy can begin from”

Alexey Stavickiy



(June, 2013; the prize of festival’s jury)


“Future of Theatre Russia”, Yaroslavl’, Russia (April, 2009)
“Crescendo. Theatre crescendo”. Pskov, Russia (October, 2009)
“I World Festival of Puppetry schools”, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
(September, 2010)
“MANIFESTI”, Turku, Finland (September, 2010)
“The Academy”, Omsk, Russia (September, 2010)

International Festival “KUKART – X”, Saint-Petersburg, Russia (June, 2011)

VI International Festival of Puppetry schools “PUPPET-NOT-PUPPET”, Belostok, Poland (June, 2012)
(June, 2013; the prize of festival’s jury)
International Shakespeare’s festival in Gdansk, Poland (October, 2014)

Saint-Petersburg’s Showcase in May, Russia (May, 2015)
“BTK-FEST: Contemporary puppet theatre. Russian Case”,
Saint-Petersburg, Russia (November, 2015)
"KOVCHEG" (Russia, Moscow)
"BTK-FEST. Piter case" (Russia, St. Petersburg)




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