Date of premiere:
1 hour 40 min
object theatre,
without words,
can play in English
Target audience:

The most controversial, mysterious and poetic part of the Old Testament is not a staged retelling of the story of King Solomon and his beloved. Rather it is a study in metaphysics of love in which we intuitively follow the path of two people who create each other out of their love, becoming Adam and Eve, Romeo and Juliette, or Pierrot and Colombina along the way. This «sequence of dreams» about love becomes the stuff of flesh and blood on stage with the help of movements and visions, people, objects and puppets. It is designed for an associative, sensual perception of a viewer prepared to open up to an irrational flow of images and feelings.

The performance was inspired by the movie «The colour of pomegranate» by Sergey Paradzhanov.


“We don’t give you any interpretation of the understanding of “The Song of Songs”. Our work may be characterized as an attempt to “translate” this greatest composition about love. The aim of our research was not so much edification, preaching, following the story, it is not a search of expressive images and languages, but an attempt to become a part of the comprehensive qualities of love: from the rampant human’s passion to the universal and creative of worlds. We create our own unique mythology which is based at the level of personal intrusion of authors. Perhaps, it is disputable, but it belongs to the performance this time and this place only. This work got out of the control and it began to form authors and the law for itself”

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Authors of the production:
Ruslan Kudashov


A. Gushin, D. Kazachuk, V. Ruchimska, V. Korotkova

Directing Dept.

Marina Zavyalova


Larisa Novikova

Light designer

Vladimir Bichkovsky, Anatoly Gonye

Sound Designer



Anna Donchenko


Roman Dadaev


Vasilisa Ruchimskaya


Maria Batrasova/ Nadezhda Moshkina


Denis Kazachuk


Ales Snopkovsky, Ivan Solntsev


Anastassia Gritsay, Mikhail Lozhkin

Dmitry Chupakhin, Ekaterina Lozhkina

Mass Media Feedback:

""The Song of Songs" is an illustration, and to be more exact it is pictures, live, magic, wise and imperishable pictures. The sensations, which the performance evokes, are consonant with life, magic, wisdom, eternity. The cosmos of human relations is presented in front of the spectator, they are primordial and modern, as well as the cosmos of love, which is always the same and always different. It is not required to understand anything directly here. Here it is important not to understand, but to percept, to feel the pulsation of images, to penetrate the long mystery of events, without demanding immediate answers. It is important to understand one thing, to understand the main thing – "The Song of Songs" is an infinitely talented and beautiful work. And to believe: love will save everything. If it is not love, then who will save the world?"

Pavel Cherdyntsev

Presenting actually the stream of conscience (variations on a theme) to the judgment of the public, Kudashov and the staging group are not striving to bring a certain thought to those present in the hall. The quickly changing "pictures" do not require exact understanding but create some sacred space, filled with signs and symbols… And when the lights go out finally and silence falls in the hall, it becomes evident that a rarely lyrical and poetical work appeared on Petersburg stage.

Svetlana Ruhlya

Noviye Izvestiya (Moscow)

Kudashov's and artist Marina Zavyalova's performance is a play of elements and materials. Grains fall like a stream. Ruby juice is flowing out of real pomegranates. Strong winds are blowing, red petals are circling in their whirls.

Dmitry Tsilikin

Delovoy Petersburg (Business Petersburg)

"The performance is made in the way small children get to know the world: tasting it and touching it, through tactile sensations, experimenting with objects, textures, sounds"

Maria Kingisepp



A nominee of the award “ TOP-50: The most famous people of Petersburg”, 2014 (Ruslan Kudashov – for the creation “The Song of Songs”)
Prizewinner of the Youth Award of St. Petersburg of artistic creativity, 2014 (performers and designer Marina Zavyalova – for the creation “A Bible cycle”)


The anniversary of Biyalostok Puppet Theatre (Biyalostok, Poland), 2013
“GIFT”, Tbilisi, Georgia (October 2015)
“BTK-FEST: contemporary puppet theatre. Russian case”, St. Petersburg, Russia (November 2015)
TALLINN TREFF FESTIVAL, Tallin, Estonia (June 2016)
The tour to Pskov Drama Theatre of A. S. Pushkin (Pskov, Russia), 2014




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