Date of premiere:
55 min.
table-top puppets,
author puppets
without words
Target audience:

Each person related to Russian culture knows the saying “to end up in front of a broken-down trough” (to be back to square one)  which came into our lives from Pushkin’s tale.  But, for some reason, this tale does not teach us, and we always make the same mistakes.  This wonderful fairytale staged according to actor’s tale perception.  The theatrical performance will be interesting to both, small and adult audience for its interesting lighting and video fulfillment.



Pushkin is man of genius – great and always amazing. On the one hand, I afraid to consider his creations, on the other – I cannot but turn to Pushkin’s fairy tale in the puppet theater. This fairy tales are wise and eternal, like Russia itself, with its history and heritage. I could not engage this tale in performance, because it’s one of my favorite.

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Authors of the production:
Sergei Ivannikov

Staging, scenography and puppets

Alexander Khromov

Music and video arrangement

Svetlana Mironova


Elena Lezhnina


Lyudmila Lysenko

Artist for clothing

Valeriy Karczewskij


Galina Laminskaia

Property master

Lyubov Trubicina

Costume shop manager

Irina Garus

Wardrobe manager

Maxim Diusmetov

The head of the artistic and production department

Valeriya Karchevskaya


Ivan Makarov

Video operator

Kirill Dejkun

Light designer

Kirill Likhachov

Audio engineer

Dmitry Henkin




Sergey Miriev, Hristina Danilova, Anton Hong,

Olesya Kondratieva, Ivan Melnikov, Anastasia Shult

Sergey Makarov, Mihail Selischev,

Viktoria Balenko, Natalia Lavrentyeva

Mass Media Feedback:

It is interesting to describe this play in details, because Ivannikov and 10 actors filled this 55-minute play with endless tricks.

Grigory Zaslavskiy

Nezavisimaya gazeta

The Director of the puppet theatre decided on a bold step – to deliver the story without text following. Everyone knows the words of this tale by heart, so the director focused on the visual series, which was very detailed and inventive.

Maria Mikhaylova


Performances of The Theatre of Puppets and Actors “Skomorokh” for the second year in a row are nominated for the main theatrical award of the country "Golden mask". Last spring the play "Pannochka" directed by Vladimir Birukov claimed for winning in three categories at once. "The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish" staged by Sergei Ivannikov was nominated in this year.

Anastasia Zhuravleva

Tomskiye novosti+


XII Regional theatrical festival "Mask" (Tomsk) – "Best performance" (2015)
XIII international fairytales theatre festival «Ya-mal, Hello!» (New Urengoy) – "Best performance" (2016)
NATIONAL RUSSIAN FESTIVAL OF PERFORMING ART "The Golden mask – 2016" (Moscow) nominations «Puppet /Play", " Puppet /Director, " Puppet / Artist play" (2015 - 2016)


XXIII Festival "The Golden Mask" (Moscow, 2017)
II Festival of Young Spectators "Language of the World" (Krasnoyarsk, 2017)


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