A tale of Vanya and Enigmatic Russian Soul
Date of premiere:
1 hour
table-top puppets,
author puppets
in Russian with subtitles
Target audience:

Somewhere around us, far or near, there must live a Dragon. Even if there´s no Dragon, it has to be invented. If there´s no Dragon, who should we fight then? And why do we need the wonder-heroes? And we obviously need them! Otherwise, who can help us? Who will save us? Even if it´s a fairy tale.
Of course, Vanya will!
From this story of Vanya´s miraculous appearance, his fight against a rotten monster (a Dragon) and how all his journeys came to end, you will learn a bit more about an enigmatic Russian soul.


Gathering the thoughts, I began to write my “director’s speech.” Did not stop work for a day. If there was no computer at hand, I wrote with a pencil, a pen, a felt-tip pen on everything that came to hand. I tore my nerves home, drank a packet of coffee. Finally, spread out a heap of notes before me, began to compose the text. After suffering for a week, I began to cross out unnecessary. It remains – “Fairy-tale is a lie, but in it … a hint”

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Authors of the production:
Alexey Lelyavsky


Alexander Vahrameev


Leonid Pavlenok




Mikhail Shelomencev

Mass Media Feedback:

This is a fairy tale for adults from the creators of the play "Odyssey", nominee of "Golden Mask" last year. Nervous and temperamental, with an attentive and prickly gaze, actor Mikhail Shelomentsev alone is nimbly ruled with small tablet dolls - large and long-nosed, like birds. Birds, some of the characters actually are. But when resembling flying creatures, the statement lastly tells about freedom. Swallowed by the dragon characters are found in a suitcase, where an amusement park with illumination and dancing hides - it turns out to be eaten calmer. And more about the flight: all the action is played out by the hero in the power of hunger and cold on the wing of the plane lying on the black earth. Probably, the narrative is not on behalf of the Russian warrior Vanya, but from the muzzle of the same Russian Dragon.

Alexey Goncharenko

Bouklet of the festival "The Golden Mask"

In the hands of Shelomentsev are a variety of objects, not always comfortable and pliable, but he deftly plays and wins out even the accidental drop of the thing. The tale tells with irony, but experiences each event deeply and tragically, as if all this happened to him himself - with the narrator.

Anastasia Pavlova

Petersburg Theatre Magazine


Laureate of the Higher Theater Award of St. Petersburg "Golden Sofit" in the nominations "Best Performance" and "Best Work of the Actor (Mikhail Shelomentsev)

Laureate of the National Theater Award and the Golden Mask Festival in the nominations "Best Director's Work" (Alexei Lelyavsky), "Best Actor" (Mikhail Shelomentsev) at the Puppet Theater.
For the role in the play "Vanya" Mikhail Shelomentsev received the Youth Prize in St. Petersburg in the field of artistic creativity


BTK-FEST: Contemporary puppet theatre, St. Petersburg
HighFest (Armenia)
КukArt (St. Petersburg)
BTK-FEST. Piter case (St. Petersburg, Russia)


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