Moscow region, city district Zaraysk,

Zaraysk, 2nd micro-district, 1

Rymyancev Fedor, director

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Acting house «Colibri»

Artistic director:

Rumyanceva Nataliya

Chief Manager:

Rymyancev Fedor

A long time ago, in the last century of the last millennium, the “Kolibri” Theater was born. The actors of the Rumyantsev long thought about putting the play on their own. But, then there was no time, then at the theater institute they studied, they raised the child, the “great” directors did not allow, because in the USSR, simple actors were not allowed to stage performances. And here, just restructuring, democratization, liberalization, lack of directors who, as soon as they opened the borders, traveled to distant countries, where they are not expected to wait! In general, everything to one: you need to put yourself, and then do not live in a world of “show business”! And they put on their own play a merry play “The Secret”, which in the new edition continues to this day. It was September 9, 1990!

And Natalia and Fedor Rumyantseva started their acting way at the Arkhangelsk State Puppet Theater back in 1980. Then they served a little in the Orenburg State Puppet Theater, and then in 1989 moved to the remote Kazakh city of Shevchenko, which stands on the azure shore of the Caspian Sea, and began to carry the beautiful and great art to the spectators of the Mangyshlak Regional Puppet Theater.

The name “Hummingbird” is given in honor of the super little bird that flies from flower to flower and collects nectar. So the artists of the little-humming theater Kolibri fly from the viewer to the spectator, collecting a symbolic fee for their hard acting. In 1991, the theater gave another cheerful play “A New Meeting of the Wolf and Goat” based on the remote motives of the Russian fairy tale with French and Bulgarian impurities. This performance is still going on. Recently, he had a second option, which is called “New Year’s meeting of the Wolf and Goat”.

In addition to children’s performances, the Kolibri Theater spared no effort to sow reasonable, kind, eternal to children from the age of 20 and over, creating a theater theater club together with the company of theatrical-columbian associates. In this club actors of the theater were noticed by representatives of the local newly independent independent cable television company AkTiVi. After this significant meeting, a tandem of theater and television was formed, and the actors of the Kolibri Theater, without leaving their offspring, began to lead a more screen way of life, creating two children’s and one adult entertainment program. Soon the whole staff of the company merged into a completely normal on-air television called “Atyrau” (not to be confused with the city of Atyrau, the former Guryev). In 1992, the theater staged a show for children with the heroes of children’s television programs, in which they took part.

In 1994, the Kolibri Theater flies to a small homeland in the city of Arkhangelsk, due to the fact that the city of Aktau (the city of Shevchenko after 1991) was in the territory of the independent state of Kazakhstan. The theater receives a new name, “Actor’s House KOLIBRI”, thus hinting that from all the professions mastered by the actors of the theater – the acting profession is the main one, and the rest (such as: director, artist, sham, playwright, administrator, producer, etc.) only auxiliary ones.

Over the years, performances and shows for children and adults have been staged, the theater takes an active part in all sorts of representations on various occasions and without reason, often a welcome guest in children’s hospitals and homes, actors in the theater are shot in advertising and cinema.

Since 2004, the theater “Kolibri” begins to live and work in the city of Moscow and the Moscow region.