675001, Blagoveshchensk, the Amur Region
60/4, Shevchenko str

51-46-66 –ticket office

51-47-10 – administrators

52-97-44 – Potemkina Lidiya Viktorovna, Deputy Director

49-20-59 – Viktoriya Yur’yevna Gorzhey, Director

e-mail: amurkukly@mail.ru

Amur Regional Puppet Theater

Main director:

Petr Aleksandrovich Kozets

Chief Manager:

Viktoriya Yur'yevna Gorzhey

In 1988, Petr Alexandrovich Kozets, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, a diploma winner of the Festival of Puppet Theaters of Siberia and the Far East, laureate of the Amursky Governor’s Award in the field of literature and art in 1995 was invited to the theater. With him in the history of the theater a new stage has begun – a new aesthetic has come to the theater, yfxfkbcm searches for new, modern solutions ..