Arkhangelsk puppet theater

Artistic director:

Dmitry Lohov

Chief Manager:

Владимир Михайлович Морозов

Archangelsk Puppet Theatre is the only professional puppet theatre in the Archangelsk region.

It was founded in 1933, thus having celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2013. The theatre was twice awarded the Golden Mask National Theatre Prize (1996, 2003), as well as the prizes at the Nevsky Pierrot International Festival (St. Petersburg, 1993), Harlequin Festival (St. Petersburg, 2008), and Ryazan’ Showcase International Festival (Ryazan’, 2009). Since 1989 the theatre has performed at many international festivals in Russia and Europe (Germany, France, Sweden, Greece, Ukraine, Belarus) and has hosted Ulitka International Festival of Chamber Puppetry in 1991. Today the theatre’s playbill consists of over 30 shows of various genres and styles for both children and adults. In 2000 the theatre opened a Literary-Theatrical Salon where the staff actors can showcase their independent works. For several decades now the theatre also houses TOLK and GDETOTAM family clubs where children, parents, and teachers get introduced to the world of theatre. In 2015 an extensive renovation of the theatre building will begin.