364020, Grozny (Russia)
10a, Kutuzova str.

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Chechen state theatre of young spectator

State autonomous institution "Chechen State Theater of Young Spectators"

Main director:

Shakhgireev Rustam Magamedovich

Chief Manager:

Sagaev Musa Alaudinovich

The Chechen State Theater of the Young Spectator, one of the oldest in the Chechen Republic, was established in 1937. In 2012 the theater celebrated its 75th anniversary.Much attention is paid in repertory politics to children’s plays, conditions for work and further development of Russian and national troupe, creative contacts with national playwrights are created.

In the repertoire of the theater there are numerous performances on the national classics, the theater conducts active creative activity, participates in festivals, and tours.In 2011, for the first time, the Inter-Regional Theater Project was implemented – the Puppet Theaters Festival of the Dolls of the Caucasus, which presented performances of theaters from different regions of Russia and opened to the modern spectators the beauty and mystery, the piercing and metaphorical art of the puppet theater.

In 2013, the theater took part in the 5th International Festival of National Puppet Theaters “Rainbow” (Samara), and in 2015 became the winner of the Festival Diploma for “Best Performance”. From 2013 to 2014 – the theater has carried out the tour project “Caucasian Puppet Carousel”, which was attended by cities such as Vladikavkaz, Makhachkala, Volgograd.

The Chechen State Theater of the Young Spectator actively participates in the cultural life of the Republic, conducts great work in the field of upbringing of the younger generation, touching on topics that are relevant to the modern teenager in the plays.