662972, Krasnoyarsk Krai,

г. Zheleznogorsk, Sverdlova street, 52


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Anna Mandrygina, director

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Golden Key Puppet Theatre

Municipal budgetary cultural establishment Golden Key Puppet Theatre

Chief Manager:

Anna Mandrygina

Golden Key Puppet Theatre located on the territory of the closed administrative-territorial entity Zheleznogorsk city, in Krasnoyarsk region was founded on September 1, 1965. Three months later, on December 8, the first theater season opened with a performance of “The Scarlet Flower” by L. Brausevich. Every year the theater has more than 280 performances that are attended by more than 20,000 viewers – both in-house and also on the road, on tours. The main age group is children 3 to 12 years of age, but in the repertoire of the theater there are also plays for kids from the age of 1.5, as well as for teenagers and adults. Typically, at least 4 new productions come out every season. The repertoire of the theater has 40 plays based on the works of international children’s classics, as well as on the works of contemporary authors. The creative accoutrement of the theater features rod-puppets, glove-puppets, flat, mechanized and jigging puppets, and marionettes, in other words – all existing major puppet systems.

Since 1999 Golden Key Puppet Theatre is a member of the Association of Puppet Theaters of the Siberian region as part of the Trans-regional Association “Siberian Agreement”. In 2009 Golden Key Puppet Theatre became a member of the International Puppetry Association UNIMA (Union Internationale de la Marionettes). UNIMA is the first international public organization in the history of the theater community. Since 2012 Golden Key Puppet Theatre has been a member of a non-commercial partnership – Professional Guild to support theater management in legal, social and educational areas “Club of the Theater Directors.”

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