683032, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky
42, Maksutova str

+7 (4152) 42-68-48
E-mail: kampuppet41@mail.ru

Kamchatka puppet theatre

Regional State Autonomous Cultural Institution "Kamchatka Puppet Theater"

Artistic director:

Kuzhelev Zinoviy Yefimovich

Chief Manager:

Zhuchkov Aleksey Mikhaylovich

The first performance of the theater – “The Mysterious Hippo” was released on November 6, 1980. This date is considered to be the birthday of the Kamchatka Regional Puppet Theater.

Participant of all-Russian and international festivals. For about thirty years the theater has been led by Z.E. Kuzhelev, who is also the main artist.

In the repertoire of the anniversary theater there are performances that over the years have been a great success for the viewer, for example, the performance of the long-lived Buka based on the play by M. Suponin, who has been on the stage for 28 years, plays “The Scraps on the Scatter”, “Three Little Pigs “And others, performances for children in Russian and foreign classics, as well as performances for the adult public.