350000, Krasnodarskiy kray, Krasnodar
31, Krasnaya str

8 (861) 262-54-11

Krasnodar regional puppet theater

Artistic director:

Mokhov Konstantin Nikolaevich

Chief Manager:

Ragimov Tair Bagmanovich

Krasnodar Regional Puppet Theater was established in 1939. However, only in 1961 the theater received a temporary stationary room, and already in 1972 – its own building. For professional growth and replenishment of the company, an acting studio is created at the theater.

An important trace in the history of the theater was left by the director Vasily Vasiliev: it was he who came to the idea of holding an international puppet show in Krasnodar. The idea was succeeded by his successor, the director, Vladimir Dmitrievich Prasol, and the main director Nikolai Vasilyevich Boyko. With them, the theater goes on tour to Germany, and at the World Festival of Puppet Theaters in Prague wins the Grand Prix

In November 2004 the collective was headed by the director, honored art worker of Kuban Konstantin Mokhov, who brought to the theater a refined philosophical aesthetics, entertainment, great style. Such performances as “The Legend of the Magic Canvas”, “Toy Escape”, “The Golden Chicken”, “The Brawl”, “The Rag Doll”, became not only the favorite productions of the audience, but also the adornment of the poster of the collective. It was under Mokhov that a permanent professional troupe was formed, many young actors came to the theater.

The theater is a laureate of Russian and international theater festivals, a participant in the tour.