Theatre manager: Tatyana V. Popova 8 (391)2113027,

Deputy manager of the theatre: Svetlana V. Andreeva 8(391)2113129,

Technical rider: Ivan I. Dybal 8(391)2113233

Krasnoyarsk puppet theatre

Territorial state autonomous cultural institution Krasnoyarsk Puppet Theatre (TSACI Krasnoyarsk Puppet Theater)

Chief Manager:

Tatyana V. Popova

Krasnoyarsk Puppet Theater opened its first theatrical season on October 18, 1938 with the performance “Three Bears”.

The founders of the theatre are the studio actors of the Krasnoyarsk Drama Pushkin Theater. The first principal director of the theater was Markela Mokhnatkina who worked here for 26 years.

At different times Ludwig Ustinov, Yury Fridman, Alexandr Alekseev, Yusuf Askarov, Sergey Ivannikov, Yury Utkin, Dmitry Vikhretsky, Vladimir Gusarov, Zakhar Davydov, Anna Ivanova-Brashinskaya, Ruslan Kudashov and others worked on the performances of the theatre.

The puppet theatre building which has been receiving the viewers since 1959 is located in the city center on Lenina Street. The front of the building and its interior were designed by honoured Russian architect Areg Demirkhanov and famous Krasnoyarsk artist Anatoly Zolotukhin. The main auditorium has 96 seats. There is also the second small stage for viewers from 1 year old.

The theatre troupe is a many-time participant of International and Russian theatrical festivals. It presented its best performances in Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia and other countries.

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Krasnoyarsk puppet theatre