Puppet theatre «Kуznechik»

Municipal budgetary culture institution of the puppet theater "Kуznechik"

Chief Manager:

Lyudmila Abakhova

The puppet theater “Grasshopper” arose in 1991, in the city of Krasnoyarsk-26 (now Zheleznogorsk) by the efforts of Svetlana Sidorova’s married couple – Marx Koifman. In 1994 the theater was invited by the Department of Culture to work permanently in the city of Sarov. Ten years later a young married couple Yegor and Lyudmila Abakhova came to work for the position of puppeteers; it was they who headed the theater in 2009.

Remaining essentially a visiting family theater, “Grasshopper” works in kindergartens, schools, health camps, takes part in city cultural events, is engaged in charitable activities, showing free performances in specialized children’s institutions, successfully operates in the hospital. Currently, the repertoire of the theater – children’s classics, is an active work on increasing the repertoire, the theater annually produces new productions.

Theater performances are popular with viewers, they receive well-deserved awards at theater festivals.