194021, St. Petersburg
2-y Murinskiy pr-t, 34

phone: 8 (812) 980-20-01
e-mail: office@teatr34.ru

Theater «TriChetyre»

Artistic director:

Saakov Tigran Vladimirovich

Theater «TriChetyre» – a professional theater, existing since April 5, 2010 and previously known to many as the Theater “KUKLY” – an affordable theater on the Zhaka Dyuklo str.

The new name Theater received, when, finally, found a new home. Now this small cozy space, located in the Vyborgsky district of St. Petersburg, is 5 minutes walk from the metro station “Ploshad Muzhestva”.  The repertoire of the theater is constantly updated and has more than a dozen performances. All of them are designed for a family audience. Spectators can be children for one year. In the performances harmoniously combined elements of dramatic, puppet, plastic and musical theater.

For the theater «TriChetyre» it has always been and remains important to combine the high artistic level of productions with socially significant activities. The change of name did not change the traditions of the theater. The theater remains accessible, because it helps to join the cultural life of everyone, without exception, including children with disabilities, together with social and state partners, implements cultural and educational and social projects: “Samokat” and “Dostupnyy teatr”.

For several years already there has been a children’s theater studio on the basis of the theater. The guys have repeatedly participated in various theatrical festivals and always won prizes with their works.

The theater is a prize-winner of the Higher Theater Award of St. Petersburg – “Golden Sofit”: “For the creation of a playful poetic atmosphere”, the repeated winner of the festival “Theaters of St. Petersburg for Children”, as well as a participant of many international and all-Russian festivals.

The task of the theater is formulated by the quote of Konstantin Sergeyevich Stanislavsky: “For children it is necessary to play as well as for adults, only much better, more subtle, cultured and more perfect.”