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Theatre «Kukly i Ludi»

Municipal Autonomous Institution Theater «Kukly i Ludi»

Artistic director:

Zhanna Demikhova

Chief Manager:

Olga Kirillova

Theater «Kukly i Ludi» was created in May 1999. The theater staff consists of graduates of the Moscow Theater Universities. The first director and founder of the theater (from 2013 – the main artist of the theater) – Olga Kirillova – a professional architect, designer, until the founding of the theater, worked as an artist in the theaters near Moscow. The main director of the UIA Theater «Kukly i Ludi» (from 2013 – the artistic director of the theater) Zhanna Demikhova – graduate of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (workshop Sh. B. Shchedrin), actress, director, playwright .

From the first performances, the theater defined itself as “Theater, which, with its performances, helps adults answer children’s questions.” At the same time, «Kukly i Ludi» is a dramatic theater that uses puppets in its performances as a means of expressiveness.

In the repertoire of the theater performances are puppet, dramatic and performances in the genre of “puppets and people” for both children of different ages and adult audiences. The auditorium for 64 seats is homelike and designed in such a way that it is convenient to observe what is happening on the stage from any place. Most of the performances are for family viewing.

The theater has repeatedly participated in international, all-Russian and regional theater festivals. In 2007, theater specialists took part in the theater master classes at the invitation of the European Cultural Foundation and the public organization “Zmiana Spoleczna” in Siedlce (Poland).

The theater is the author and initiator of socially significant projects, such as the “Primary Program for the Prevention of Child Drug Addiction” “Vaccination against Drugs” and “Clean City, It’s Me!”. The theater actively operates the “Art people” theater fans club, which organizes and conducts exhibitions of photographs, different genres of fine arts of city residents, and other creative activities. The geography of theater trips across the Russian Federation – from Novgorod the Great to Khabarovsk.

In 2007 the UIA theater «Kukly i Ludi» became a member of UNIMA (International Organization of Puppet Theaters.)