678960, Neryungri, Sakha Republic (Yakutia)
4А, Pionernaya str.

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Theatre of puppet and actor of Sakha Republic

Autonomous institution "Theater of the actor and puppets of Sakha Republic (Yakutia)"

Artistic director:

Petr Skryabin

The puppet theater in Neryungri was founded in 1985.

The winner of the VIII All-Russian Pushkin Theater Festival in Pskov, the festivals “Nevsky Piero” in St. Petersburg (1994), “Lambushka” in Petrozavodsk (2002), “Sata” in Yakutsk (1998).

With the performance “Revelations from …” of the Yakut studio, the theater took the Grand Prix of the Interregional Festival “Christmas Parade” in St. Petersburg (“Best Performance”, 2002). In 2003 he was awarded with the Prizes of the Republican Theater Festival “Desired Coast …” in Yakutsk (for the play “We Play Harms”, directed by E. Eremeev, in the nomination “Best Children’s Performance” and the play “Revelation from …” – in the nomination “The best work of the director” – P. Skryabin). In June of the same year he was a participant of the International Ecological and Ethnic Festival of Puppet Theaters “Chir Chiayan” in Abakan.

The participant of the Russian and international theatrical festivals.

At the theater there are 2 studios.