628416, KHMAO-Yugra, Tyumen region,

Surgut, Lenina avenue, 47

Blinova Elena, director

8 (3462) 35-39-55

8 (3462) 34-38-40


Gulnara Tazhimova, assistant director

8 (3462) 34-48-50

Theatre of actor and puppet «Petryshka»

Municipal autonomous institution «Theatre of puppet and actor «Parsley»

Main director:

Koptyaeva Galina

Chief Manager:

Blinova Elena

The theater of the actor and puppets Petrushka was founded in 1991. It all started with a small theater studio for high school students and now it is an actively developing contemporary creative team, which is gaining momentum every year. The second generation of Surgut residents of has grown with our theater’s performances.

Over the years, more than 200 productions have been created, more than 1 million people watched performances of the Puppets theater Petrushka. Today in the repertoire poster is about 52 performances of different genre and artistic decision (32 of them were created in the last 4 years). Among them there are both traditional screen shows and performances using the latest multimedia technologies. The theater has invented and actively implements several social projects: for kids from 1.5 to 3 years; for pupils; about the secrets of the profession of puppeteers; for disabled children.

Also 2 years ago Puppets theater Petrushka started to show performances for adults (16+): «451 degrees Fahrenheit» and «The experience of reading the play «The King of Lears» at the Court of the Tsar of Peas».

The real pride of the theater is a friendly, lively, young actor’s troupe! They are only 14 persons, they are creative, daring, adventurous, plastic, easy to climb and ready for any experiments. Today Theater of the actor and puppets Petrushka is one of the most popular and demand in professional collective in Surgut. Our theater is open for new stage forms. Ready to work both with eminent directors and young, who are just beginning their own creative path.