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4, Solyanaya ploshchad’

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Deputy Director for the organization of the viewer,
Osipova Olga:

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The head of the literary and dramatic part,
Kovalenko Julia:

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Theatre of puppet and actor «Skomoroh»

Regional State Autonomous Cultural Institution Tomsk Regional Theater of the Doll and Actor Skomorokh named after Roman Vinderman

Main director:

Sergei Ivannikov

Chief Manager:

Larisa Otmakhova

Both children and adults living in Tomsk Oblast are well familiar with Puppet and Actor Theatre «Skomorokh» named after Roman Winderman, situated in the beautiful historical building in the very center of Tomsk (Siberia, Russia). During sixty five years of its existence (since 1946) «Skomorokh» Theatre has turned into the popular cultural centre of puppet and actor arts. Its unique repertoire consisting today of more than thirty performances for children, youths and adults makes it possible to create a special atmosphere of theatrical action and to establish close contact between actors and spectators of different ages and different nationalities.

As the most interesting works of last theatrical seasons it can be mentioned such performances, as «A Midsummer Night’s Dream» (the joint project with «Open Hand» Theatre from USA) and «Macbeth» of W. Shakespeare, «Mirandolina» and «Servant of Two Masters» of C. Goldoni, «Raskolnikov» of F. Dostoevsky (the joint project with «Am Faden» Theatre from Germany) and «The Martian Chronicles» of R. Bradbury, «Romulus the Great» (the joint Russian-French project) and «The Old Lady’s Visit» of F. Dürrenmatt; puppet and actor’s shows for children based on the famous works and children’s stories of A. Pushkin, H. C. Andersen, S. Marshak, E.T.A. Hoffmann, as well as the plays for the smallest spectators of modern Tomsk authors.

Taking part in grant activity, being the winner of various festivals and competitions, «Skomorokh» Theatre has a great influence on the social and cultural life of Russia as a whole and Tomsk Oblast, in particular. «Skomorokh» is the Theatre where international, national and regional festivals and conferences, joint master-classes and theatrical performances, creative meetings and presentations are organized and held on:

– Puppet Theatre’s International Festivals «Unlimited Theatre» (1996, 2002) with participation of national theatres from the USA, Germany, France, Spain, Slovenia, Poland, China and Japan;

– International master-class together with Goethe Institute (2001);

– Master-class on a theme of theatrical professions together with the Theatre Union of the Russian Federation in frame of Siberian Puppetry House;

– Japanese theaters’ tours in frame of the project «New Names» (2007), as well as Russian theaters’ tours (from Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Omsk and so on);

– Children’s carnival of city Tomsk (2008) and participation in the celebratory program devoted to 400-year-old jubilee of Tomsk;

– Competition-festival of home family theatres «Theatrical family» (2008);

– Annual competition-festival among young families with presentation of baby carriages (since 2009);

–  Theatrically-museum exposition «Legends about Tomsk» (grant of the Governor of Tomsk Oblast, 2004) and so on.
Recently in «Skomorokh» Theatre a new theatrical hall for kids has opened. It is named as «Theatre on pillows» and is specially equipped for children from 1 till 4 years. So far there are two shows in its repertoire, and the smallest spectators are waiting for the new, interesting performances on its scene.
Since 1969 «Skomorokh» Theatre conducts active tour activity, takes part in international theatrical festivals in the USA, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, Slovenia, Hungary, Japan and Russia. Within frame of Siberian Agreement Association there are exchange tours with puppet theatres of Siberian cities as well as with other national theatres.