Science fiction
Date of premiere:
55 min
table-top puppets,
author puppets
in Russian with subtitles
Target audience:

In Stanisław Lem’s imagination a quasi-medieval universe in inhabited by robots, while people are the stuff of fables, as creatures exotic and dangerous, opposed to the perfect and beautiful race of robots. This fable is told by two actors, accompanied by a unique fantastic machine, brought over from a neighboring galaxy.


“Our performance is about the search for a real man. Of course, not in the truest sense of the word. Heroes in their laboratory are not looking for a representative of the biological species. They are trying to figure out – what is a person in his essence? How and by what mechanisms does this complex machine work? “

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Authors of the production:
Vyacheslav Ignatov, Maria Litvinova

Authors, directors, artists

Alexander Getsoy's Studio




Maria Litvinova, Danila Arikov

Mass Media Feedback:

"Flesh and blood" to the toy robots in the play Litvinova and Ignatov was given by the artist Alexander Getsoy. Figures are composed of a variety of sleeves, cogs, piles, consider them long and carefully. A stunning beauty of lighting effects are visible even from the most distant places "

Alexandra Soldatova

Masha and Slava are the pupils of our best puppeteer, Ilya Epelbaum, and they are all right with imagination. Here are the robots made in the fashionable
stym-punk style of these works of art, and they want to be considered separately. But here not only dolls, but the whole entourage, where something constantly moves, turns, smokes and flashes, works on the atmosphere of the play. The ceiling rushes and runs the stars, the darkness of the hall
permeate light rays, on the screen for five minutes in the genre of the comic book tells the whole theory of the evolution of life on earth.

Marina Shimadina


Long list of "The Golden Mask"


Keln, Baku, Salehard, Viksa, St. Petersburg




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