Date of premiere:
60 min
object theatre,
few words,
can play in English
Target audience:

There are all kinds of love, but is there love stronger than that of blood ties? The wicked Stepmother put an evil spell on Elisa’s six brothers, turning them into swans, and only the girl can save them now. Will she manage the impossible task? Will she do it on time? By means of contemporary visual theatre, going far beyond traditional puppetry, the old tale becomes a highly-charged drama of family, love, and spirit meeting life’s dangerous challenges.


“Like a fairy tale,” – that is what people usually say about an unbelievable luck, or a sudden bliss of happiness. But, really, to find yourself in a fairy tale is hardly a winning ticket. Here, you not only have to meet unthinkable challenges, make intolerable choices, solve unsolvable riddles. Here, not just your life, but, what’s much scarier, the lives of your close ones depend on your success. And that is considering that your success guaranties nothing: the ending of a good fairy tale, as in real life, is impossible to foresee.

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Authors of the production:

Vitaliya Samuylova


Anatoly Gonye

Music designer

Tatyana Gordeeva


Anastasia Kuznetsova

Light designer



Mikhail Lozhkin, Ivan Solncev

Vasilisa Ruchimskaya, Ales Snopkovskiy

Dmitry Chupakhin, Renat Shavaliev, Maria Batrasova

Mass Media Feedback:

"It's hard to define the genre of this chamber and expressive piece by Anna Ivanova-Brashinskaya. Humanettes, pantomime, modern dance and spare words create a mix that would be easiest to identify as «physical theatre». In the central emotional scene of the metamorphosis a music number with the memorable refrain about «personal responsibility» sounds. The director makes a show that tells teenagers that the future depends on them, and them alone."

Alexey Goncharenko

Bouklet "The Golden Mask"

“Anna Ivanova-Brashinskaya is a director who believes in the most interesting type of the puppet theatre in which everything that comes close to the actor’s hand, and sometimes the hand itself, becomes a puppet. …A tough, pitiless, honest and totally devoid of sentimentality coming-of-age story.”


Harlequin National Theatre for Children Awards (Best Female Performance, Best Ensemble, Best Music Design, Best Choreography, 2015)
Nomination for Golden Spotlight Award (Best Director, 2014)


Participant of the Festival Mondial des Theatres de Marionnettes (2015, Charleville-Mezieres, France).
"Sinerguraв" Erfurt, Germany
"Petrushka Velikiy" (Ekaterinburg, Russia)
"The language of the World" (Krasnoyarsk, Russia)
"Castelliers" (Montreal, Canada)
Touring 4 cities in France
Tour in Norway (Kattas Figurtaeter Ensemble)


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