Journey to another reality
Date of premiere:
1 h 10 min
table-top puppets,
object theatre,
without words
Target audience:

Kostroma is the birthplace of the Snow Maiden. And the Snow Maiden is really born here – right during the performance, in the minds of every spectator. Yevgeny Ibragimov’s staging of Alexander Ostrovsky’s play of the same name is not another reading of the great text and not a new illustration for the “spring fairy tale.” Not the triumph of the word or the dominance of the plot is immersion in the world of feelings and sensations. In a world woven of gentle touches and passionate embraces, a quiet whisper and loud songs, impenetrable darkness and the conquering light. Through the labyrinths of this sensual world, each viewer will go along with the artists and puppets – and will, if not others, then be updated.


“Who am I? Ostrovsky – after all, I’m knee-deep, ankle-deep. I never argue with the author. But I want to say about what I think about this “

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Authors of the production:
Eugeny Ibragimov


Emil Kapelush, Julie Mikheeva


Maria Kachatkova


Nikolay and Semen Yakimovi


Maria Vlaskova




Natalia Bobkova, Maria Loginova, Olga Bulkina

Ekaterina Chemkova, Olga Ryabinina

Ekaterina Sokolova, Evgeniya Nikolaeva

Sergey Ryabinin, Alexander Shtern, Denis Pashkov

Mihail Loginov, Andrew Belyaev

Mass Media Feedback:

"The actors in the play are more than actors, they conduct themselves in a" different reality "in a direct and figurative sense. Sometimes they are performers, and then their task is to move the object and using the light of a flashlight to accurately highlight the detail in the design. More often - dancers; Maria Kachalkova from Dialogue Dance Company composed plastic, in which there is no flight, actors conduct their games mostly in a horizontal position: they crawl, turn over on their backs, figures in dance bend in half. And of course, they are puppeteers "

Alexey Goncharenko

Blog of St. Petersburg theatrical magazine

"Snow Maiden" by Ibragimov - ghost performance. It is really ethereal: there is no verbal framework, but there are various plastic, musical and visual images correlated with Ostrovsky's text. The latter flicker (all the "pictures" of the play are unsteady, like the rays of lanterns, sneaking along the floor and walls and stumbling upon wooden and puppet installations), and the same meaning is "shimmered". They do not form from episode to episode, they do not evolve - on the contrary, once they arise and immediately fade away, that after it arises and fades out again or no longer arise at all.

Daria Shanina

"Strastnoy Bulvar, 10"


Nominant "The Golden Mask" Award 2017


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